The Miracle of Love World Tour – Cheonan City, South Korea

Four AMAZING presenters

Al Diaz, International and Keynote Speaker
Jimmy Ro, Spiritual Leader and Mentor
Lorna Blake, Empowerment Specialist
Amy Scott, English Instructor at Korea Nazarene University


Jimmy Ro
Arise From Your Predicament!

Jimmy Ro has first-hand knowledge of overcoming adversity. In this very inspiring and practical workshop he will walk you through the steps to help you overcome and transcend life’s challenges. He suggests that no matter why you’ve been knocked down you can “Arise!”

Amy Scott
Unmasking Your Authentic Self

Come and take the journey to discover the person you were created to be. You will experience ways to unmask your authentic self, find healing for past woundedness and move forward in the adventure of your life. This interactive workshop will unleash your creative self, just waiting to be freed.


Lorna Blake
Love the Life You Have-Live the Life You Want!

Are you dissatisfied with your current life?
What do you want more of in your life?
A more satisfying relationship?
A better job/career?
A healthier life?
More money?

In this presentation Lorna demonstrates that what stands in the way of your success is your resistance. What you resist persists. Through a series of experiential exercises participants learn to love their life Now to create the life they desire!


Al Diaz

Al Diaz
Clarity & Focus with Unconditional Love

Al will be providing direct insights and guidance for you to remember your innate ability or power that you already have … and what unconditional Love can do for you, your Life, and even influence all those around you. Visit Al's Website



  1. Al Diaz says:

    It was a honour to present for the first time in an Asian country and with amazing presenters. Thank you Jimmy, Lorna, and Amy for BEing who you are…it was a phenomenal experience.

    Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz

  2. Amy Scott says:

    I was blessed to present at and participate in this heartfelt event. Al, Lorna and Jimmy are all unique and gifted individuals and all share a love for people. I was encouraged and motivated in my own life's journey to value myself and my gifts. Thank you for this opportunity.

  3. Lorna Blake says:

    It was an incredible experience to have shared the stage with Al, Amy and Jimmy! Al, thanks for being open enough to come and share the love with Korea! This event in Cheonan City, Korea broke new ground… Some even thought it couldn't be done. The shared synergy was powerful and the participants loved it!! It was amazing!

  4. Marsha Bogolin says:

    I love the deep PRESENCE you bring, Al, and how that evokes in others a recognition of their own Presence. The Sovereign energy coming through you is powerful. Your large heart of love embraces people and connects deeply into their hearts. I love how you SEE people and acknowledge them—not just when you’re “on-stage.” Your message is simple yet profound. The way you bring it penetrates into the heart of Being. I feel in you a transparent dedication to your mission of bringing heaven on earth and wish you Godspeed in fulfilling it. I’m with you!

    I really enjoyed the whole Miracle of Love in Cheonan event, and learned a lot from how each presenter brought with passion what was of most value in their lives, using simple language, exercises, and a variety of media and modes.