Al Diaz

Al Diaz, founder of Ilumine Ao, Keynote and International speaker, author of The Titus Concept and Confirmations, cutting-edge internet radio show host, and Guide who has inspired thousands with his empowering message of Unconditional Love to simply shatter that which no longer stands to serve for our best and highest good.

Session Title: Clarity & Focus with Unconditional Love

Al speaks from the Heart with his guidance and insights that provokes healing and empowerment that allows us to remember and recognize:
- Our own answers that we are seeking, and the opportunity to see and feel the “Truth” that is already within each of us
- The innate ability we came here with
- Our own fullest potential
- Giving and receiving to our own greatest capacity
- The sacredness in others and around us
- The knowing that we are sacred
- The gift, value, or purpose we bring to our world…and most importantly into our own Life

The knowing of any or all of the above raises our level of awareness and brings forth the consciousness for healing, blessings, and empowerment, triggering shift and change, ascension through Love, discovering newer dimensions that represent liberation, and the freeing of our Heart for our own personal greatness.

Bringing forth the desired Lifestyle that we uniquely require…