The Miracle of Love World Tour 2011 – Perth, Australia

SPECIAL EVENT! Tuesday November 8
An Exclusive Evening Event with Al Diaz & Tanya-Danielle Gillis

Seeking Your Inner Truth & Soul Guidance (Call 9245-4170 to register)

Due to the success of The Miracle of Love Perth event and the number of people requesting another event. Al Diaz has decided to have an exclusive evening event, taking it even further and deeper.

This event promises to reach within your soul and heart and provide you with the clarity and guidance from within.

With only 21 places available, registrations are already coming in and moving quickly.

To save dissappointment Call 9245 4170 or 04 18 293 826… Registrations are a MUST. NO on the door ticket sales.

Cost: $99/person

Date: Tuesday the 8th of November

Registrations 5.30pm
Commences 6.00pm
Finish time 10.00pm

Venue: Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Remember Strictly only 21 tickets for this Exclusive Event : )

Secure your tickets Early call 9245 4170 Registration is a MUST, so you don’t miss out !!

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Sunday November 6

Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough Observation Rise
The Harbor Room
The Esplanade Scarborough WA 6109
Phone: 08 9245 1000

Tanya-Danielle (TD) Gillis
Take Back Your Power of You

A lot of people suffer in silence, frustrated and disillusioned by today’s world. Anxiety, stress, addictions, traumas, depression and the list goes on, so how do we let go, find peace and live the life we were meant to? What would it mean to you to get rid of past pain, fears and feel whole and fulfilled again in your life? Isn’t it time to feel worthy, discover your strengths, gifts and the power of healing? Visit TD’s Website

Richard Yiap
7 P’s to Prosperity

Prosperity is success in your WELL-BEING and HAPPINESS. Pros-per-ity means “the Prospect of your Perspective on Reality. Learn the 7Ps of Perspective-Position-Prepare-Practice-Presence-Project-Purpose and how it can empower your miracle of Love. Visit Richard’s Website

Sian Chua
Healing the Eternal Soul

From terminal cancer to health – Sian shares her personal journey. Returning to Love through the Wisdom of the Akashic Records. Discover her interesting experiences as a Spiritual Regressionist. Real life stories of AMAZING Miracle healings. NEW DNA regeneration Healing.

Clayton Johnston
Many Minds Make Light Work

Your local MC for this Premier Event. A Spiritual Warrior and Internet Entrepreneur who loves helping people to shine and laugh. Changing the world one connection at a time. The Time is now, for you to Step Up, Discover, Explore and Share your own unique gifts. Visit Clayton’s Website

Al DiazAl Diaz
Clarity & Focus With Unconditional Love

Al will provide direct insights and guidance for you to remember your innate ability or power that you already have… and what unconditional Love can do for you, your Life, and even influence all those around you. Visit Al’s Website



  1. Al Diaz says:

    I am blessed to have expereinced this powerful and sold out event! Thank you Tanya, Clayton, Sian, and Richard!! It was simply amazing…

    Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz

  2. Krsten Hobbs says:

    Thank you to everyone, especially the guest speakers. I enjoyed the day very much it was empowering and so very interesting. Every day it gets easier to find the love in my heart.

    Kind regards,


  3. ramona Altinier says:

    Hi Al, well this is from my heart, I feel i am blessed to have met you and feel the love you have to share, its real, I am so happy to hear you are going out into the world to tell people how to connect with their hearts again because they have forgoton how love to you always on your journey


  4. linda says:

    Attending the Miracle Of Love seminar was great. Reconnecting with people was a fantastic experience and learning about how to deal with our emotions was really helpful.

    Thank you so much