The Miracle of Love World Tour 2011 – Orange County, USA

Five amazing presenters
Al Diaz, International and Keynote Speaker
Kenneth Schwenker, Visionary and Superbly Capable Leader
Janeen Sonsie, Intuitive Facilitator
Carolyn Kaufman, Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Healer, and Critically Acclaimed Counselor.
Dani Martin, Grief Counselor, Speaker, Author, Life skills Teacher, Corporate Trainer, CFO & Program Director of Insights Foundation


Carolyn Kaufman
The Labrynth of Life

Carolyn Kaufman

Carolyn takes you on a journey of unleashing magic and beauty along the labyrinth of your life. Using intuitive guidance, transformational healing and intention setting, she will show you how you can illuminate your path and walk through your labyrinth with a new awareness, enjoying the rest of your journey in pure joy, unconditional love, freedom and abundance. Visit Carolyn’s Website or Visit Carolyn’s Children of Today Website


Dani Martin
Emotional Surviving to Thriving

Dani Martin

Dani will teach energy techniques you can use on yourself, family and friends. You will learn systems designed to get your energies running smoothly on a daily basis to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost your immune system, stabilize your moods and increase your energy. These techniques will empower you to tap into your strengths, stay on your path and accomplish your goals. Visit Dani’s Website


Kenneth Schwenker
Awaken the Leader Within

Kenneth Schwenker

We are in a time that history will show what we have caused at this juncture in life, and how we grew or died as a species. At this time it seems we need to create the world sustainable living situations and create world community. This is the time where every individual needs to step into real leadership qualities. We can all be the Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King’s of the world. What are the distinctions that make a Leader? Come and be part of the movement. Visit Ken’s Website


Janeen Sonsie Janeen Sonsie
Authentic Relating

Janeen will guide you to connect with your inner self and other people in a loving way through authentic communication. After this session you will be inspired to communicate openly and honestly to take your relationship with yourself and others to a more fulfilling and intimate level. You will also receive tools for saying what is true for you … even in a conflict situation. Visit Mojo Circle or Visit Janeen’s Website


Al Diaz Al Diaz
Clarity & Focus with Unconditional Love

Al will be providing direct insights and guidance for you to remember your innate ability or power that you already have … and what unconditional Love can do for you, your Life, and even influence all those around you. Visit Al’s Website



  1. Al Diaz says:

    What a great event and amazing presenters! Dani, Janeen, Carolyn, and Ken were phenomenal. The shift and the inner knowing that came to be present with those that attended was awesome! I greatly appreciate you all…and all those that helped and attended, thank you for BEing a joyous blessing in our Life.

    Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz

  2. Thank you Al for putting together such a wonderful event. It was an incredible and empowering day, full of healing, shifting and connecting!

    I had a blast being part of this Awesome event!

    Many Blessings of Heaven on Earth


  3. Kenneth says:

    Al, you did an amazing job bringing together a great blend of speakers. Everyone had a truth they brought out and a message for the world with heart and intelligence and a love for life. It was important to be there. Thank you thank you. Have a great rest of the world tour. Kenneth

  4. Dana Hart says:

    N3NWOW!!! What a true blessing this experience was for me personally. I think you were all sent there to ignite my healing~ hahaha ;) Each one of you had something authentic & powerful to share. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in spreading love around this world. You have all given a gift I will alway's remember & seek to emulate in my own life.

    I wish you all abundance in love, joy & peace!

    ~Thank you~

  5. Elizebeth C says:

    I Love & am so grateful to have been a part of this Aug 28 2011 event.

    Very Helpful

  6. Rebecca M says:

    Very Helpful

    I feel this is a great program. So much info that get you thinking in different possitive ways. Like to have a class to learn this.

    I would like to accomplish, being Playful & Joyful.

  7. Dana H says:

    I'm amazed at how quickly we can shift our emotional state. Awesome!

    VERY, Very Very Helpful

  8. Dani Martin says:

    Great participation – Energy – Acceptance – Giving

    Attendee’s even received personal work, blessings and bonuses.

    I was honored by the reception, very rewording.

    How authentic & fun Janeen is, Carolyn-so inspiring & giving, Kenneth – awakening the Leader in us all, Al – you Rock!

    Insights Foundation will be scheduling a Tele-conference training. Continuing the work of healing past emotional trauma’s to move forward with positivity and strength.

    Email;, to signup for a free invite.