Miracle Loveheart

The Inspiration of Al Diaz and Ilumine Ao

Al Diaz

Al Diaz is an International and Keynote speaker and author of “The Titus Concept” and “Confirmations”.

“Ilumine Ao” expresses in a combination of Spanish and Hawaiian “Illuminate Light” and in that inspiration it is done for the best and highest good of all.”  This is what Al represents.

Al’s parents were part of a hard working class in Mexico, who migrated to the United States and became hard working middle class in the U.S., and consequently was raised with the “hard work ethic” to have the money for the things he wanted. Without realizing it Al accepted most of his first 30 years of Life experiences as fact and truth and that is how he functioned and lived for 40+ years. This resulted in having an inflated ego with low self-esteem and constantly seeking instant gratification.

Those three characteristics added up to FEAR.

During that time period Al wondered “Is this how life is supposed to be? Were some of us were here to struggle while others were lucky and had all the breaks?” After an accident that resulted having a severe concussion, Al knew he needed to heal physically and through daily meditations realized he also needed to heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This was the beginning for Al in enhancing his overall wellbeing and in this part of his journey he searched for answers and the truth of others, read as many books as he could, had great mentors, went to seminars, and did everything to keep moving forward in life.

Al Diaz says … Clarity is what produced the steps called The Titus Concept in my first two books; that is to be empowered and have the level of awareness so that all may effortlessly have the lifestyle we desire and require. I also realized that creating our life as we desire and require can be done even more effortlessly by kNowing who and what we are, and that the powerful guidance of confirmations brings forth that inner kNowing.

All this has inspired the vision of Al and Ilumine Ao to bring forth The Miracle of Love in powerful local, national and international events.

The Miracle of Love is all about:

-     Remembering your own pure Truth or answers you came here with

-     Leading and living a Life from your Heart instead of ego

-     Remembering the unique gifts and values you were born with that bring added value to our world and in your Life

-     Unconditional Love for your Self, others, and Life experiences

-     Evolving to have the Lifestyle and a world you desire or require

The Miracle of Love is different from other events because we don’t tell you what to do or how to be. We guide you to remember and BE who you really are.

The Miracle of Love is to further augment your life and enhance your overall wellBEing, regardless of your community, organization or institution, and without adding any dogma, religion, practice, sect, philosophy, science, cult, or the like, into your Life.

The Miracle of Love is guidance … to simply guide you to remember the answers you already have.

The Miracle of Love is for the best and highest good of all.

Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz